Friday, October 20, 2017

1. Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte SPF25/PA+

This is Maybelline's 1st liquid BB cushion with mattifying minerals.
The aforementioned mattifying agents & correcting minerals include titanium dioxide and iron oxide. 
It comes with a build-in mirror and a puff which is fairly good to use, serves its purpose but does take up some of the product. 
The protective seal has been removed, revealing the cushion saturated with BB cushion. Cushion is pretty porous so do dab gently to prevent excessive product getting onto the puff. 

Weight: 14g
Shades: 02 Light & 03 Natural ( Taiwanese version comes in 01 白皙 and 02 自然,but not sure if it is the same two shades or a shade lighter in the spectrum. Maybelline, please shed some light on this?) 

What They Claim vs What I Found 

Natural fresh matte finish - 
It does offer a matte finish, it does give a natural and fresh look provided you dab sparingly, else it will form a thick layer as it is highly buildable. 

Contains mattifying minerals.

12-hour long lasting - 
It does sound true for me (I have combination skin, or at least I think I do), though it does get a little oily after a while (6-7 hours or so?) but it gives off a natural sheen, so nothing to worry about.   
Oil Control - 
Does its job fairly well, but not sure for oily skin types because I have come across varied opinions over the web.    
Non-sticky - 
It is a bit sticky at first, but once it sets in, it is more toward the moist side to me (similar to how your skin feels like after application of moisturiser) 

Feather Light - 
Agreed, it can be pretty weightless since only 1-2 presses are required.  

High Coverage - 
Entirely depends on the number of presses you use, it is buildable, but for a natural no-makeup look it probably offers medium to high coverage. 
I do have flaky skin around my nose which does not get covered.

Non-comedogenic (Doesn't Clog Pores) - 
Hmm.. it does clog my pores a teeny bit, but nothing regular skincare cannot take care of. 
Heard that it increases the visibility of pores, but I use concealer and primer so I don't have this issue. 

Suitable For Sensitive Skin - 
Cannot comment since not applicable. 

SPF 25 / PA+ - I do not get tanned with this applied, alright. 

Price (RRP) : MYR 69.90 / SGD 28.90

Deal : MYR 34.95 ( Got it from Watsons Malaysia during the makeup sale) You can purchase it here as well: 
(was also available on at this price but I wanted to forgo the waiting period for delivery) 

Who is it for?

  • People who want a cushion foundation which offers a matte finish.( I never needed foundation to go with this.)
  • People with dry-normal-combination skin, since most of the people with oily skin types did not favour it. 
  • People who go for best deals and reasonable pricing in makeup
  • Beginners who just want to try out a BB Cushion for the first time ( I belong to this category! And I don't think I'm going back ;p)

Would I repurchase this?

Yes, if it is on sale again, haha. Else I will first try other brands to see if there are others which work even better for me. 

On a side note, for Asian skin with light to medium skin colour, I suggest using the Light shade as it has a brightening effect!

*Not an advert. I am not famous enough for that :p

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1. Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte SPF25/PA+

This is Maybelline's 1st liquid BB cushion with mattifying minerals. The aforementioned mattifying agents & correcting mineral...